Wedding Inspiration: Once A Classic Bride

Looking back, my wedding day seemed like a big blur-one magical blur filled with fragrant flowers, camera flashes, nervous giggles, happy tears, and lots of kisses. The whole experience left me with so much gratitude and respect for the people who served me and made every moment of it beautiful and memorable.

bridal buoquet
wedding inspiration brideclassing wedding bride
As a traditional bride, I chose soft colors and classic styling. Our wedding was held in Sofitel Manila, a luxury hotel known for its stunning interior, subdued lighting and ballrooms decked with crystal chandeliers, the perfect venue for a classic bride like me.

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Photography:J Lucas Reyes
Planning:The Best-Case Scenario
Venue:Sofitel Manila
Styling:Dave Sandoval
Wedding Gown:Vera Wang
Bridesmaids’ Dresses:Jamie Go
Bride’s Boyfriend Shirt:Plum Pretty Sugar
Bridal Shoes:Salvatore Ferragamo
Groom’s Suit:Zara Man
Groom’s Shirt:Brooks’ Brothers
Invites:Kenneth Tan
Calligraphy & Gifts:Jules & Joy Gifts
Jewelry: Swarovski
Makeup:Bea Almeda
Bride’s Hair:RJ dela Cruz
Wedding Video:Mayad Studios

Sweets for my Sweet: Our Favorite Sugar-filled Wedding Favors

I believe you can never go wrong with giving away sweets to your wedding guests. I know almost everyone would admit having a sweet tooth! Candies and pastries are not only satisfying, but they are also pretty and quite easy to find. Here are some of our favorite sweets that your guests would surely enjoy munching even after the party!

Sugarfina Champagne Bears
These champagne-flavored and smooth-textured gummies are simply yummy and addicting. And the elegant packaging with its transparent acrylic boxes and tiffany-blue labels makes Sugarfina candies an instant giveaway hit.

Sugarfina wedding favors

right photo from Mel Stringer

Personalized Printed M&Ms
Have fun with your favors by printing your wedding details on M&M candies. Choose the candy colors that match your wedding motif and serve them in tin cans or plastic pouches at your dessert table. Make something as familiar as M&Ms unique with your personalized details. Print whatever you desire – your names, wedding date, photos, favorite quote, initials and monogram.

printed M&M chocolates

Our childhood’s favorite comfort food is sure to bring good (and delicious) memories on your wedding day. Our personal favorite is Peppermint S’more from Butter Baked Goods. The combination of marshmallow, softened cracker and chocolate is just perfect and irresistible.


left photo from


Chocolate Truffles
Another favorite is Ayoub’s artisan truffle chocolate with almonds and dried cherries. The perfect sweetness and a tinge of bitterness combined with fruit or nut will go well with any champagne or liquor. As they say, anything with chocolate is always a good idea.

Chocolate truffles

Chocolate truffles from Ayoub

French Macarons
Sophisticated, lovely and intricate– these bite-size pieces of flavor filled goodness can double up as gifts and wedding decor. Because macarons come in a variety of colors,  just place them in a simple box or mini jars and you’ve got wedding favors that are a feast for the eyes!

macarons favors

photos from Soirette and Deer Pearl Flowers


What about your own favorites? What are the sweets you want offered at your own wedding?

The Bride and Our Bridegroom

I love weddings.
I remember when I was still single and my friends would invite me to their weddings, I would get really excited and giddy.  I would always get choked up as I look at my friend or family member march down the aisle blushing underneath her all-white, radiant glory. I love weddings, because it’s an opportunity to witness and celebrate a love story.

bride marching

I love weddings, also because of the symbols and metaphors contained within a wedding ceremony- how the ring symbolizes eternity; how the veil symbolizes the role of the husband as head and protector of the family; and how the cord binds the union of the couple.

In the Bible, Jesus performed His first miracle in a wedding (at Cana). Why of all occasions, a wedding? Because a wedding or a marriage is the closest depiction that we will ever have of an invitation from God. Jesus has sacrificially and lovingly chosen us to be His bride. He redeemed us and clothed us with white garments of holiness and righteousness – qualities impossible to attain on our own.

Bible veil couple wedding

I love weddings, because a wedding represents the groom’s higher level of commitment and pursuit. Just the same, through Christ’s ultimate act of love, He laid down His life to save all mankind, and make us right with God once again. We, as the bride, are being pursued relentlessly by the One who loves us the most. And for me, that’s a perfect love story!

Practical Tips for the Bride-to-be on Her Wedding Day

bride on her wedding day

Looking back, my wedding day seemed like a big blur, one magical blur filled with flower petals, camera flashes, nervous giggles, happy tears, and lots of kisses. The whole experience left me with so much gratitude and respect for the people who served me and made every moment of it memorable. It also left me with a handful of lessons and a bit of knowledge on weddings. The day after my wedding, I came up with a mental list of the things I should have done better. Don’t get me wrong, I have no major regrets, but I realize that I now have some experience and information that I wished I had had before my wedding day. Since I couldn’t turn back time, what better way to use them than passing them on to help future brides?

This list is in no way exhaustive. I was able to do most of the items while some are placed in my charge-it-to-experience mental compartment. =)

1. Get a good night’s sleep. Even if you have to knock yourself down with a glass of red wine (or something stronger), please do it. This will benefit you the most because you will have energy and you will look more radiant on your big day.

2. Write your vows before the wedding day. But if you didn’t have the time (like me) and you had to do it on the day of your wedding, it’s okay. Use the events leading to the day to inspire you. Put on your headset and play some music while writing. Go to a secluded corner and browse old photos with your fiancé to bring back memories and motivate the flow of thoughts.

3.  Have your teeth whitened days before the wedding. I had forgotten to do this! I bought whitening strips but because of intense jetlag, I was not able to put them on every night before our wedding day. If you are able, do this step so your smile is brighter in your photos.

4. If you have time, squeeze in a 30-minute workout on the day of your wedding and eat your breakfast. You will need all the energy you can get for the day. Trust me. 

5. Don’t put on conditioner when you wash your hair. This will allow your bridal hairstyle to stay and hold longer throughout the day.

6. Save your pinned stylized shots on your phone and review them during prep time so you are not stuck with the same poses during photo shoot.

7. Create a list of last-minute reminders or things to do the night before your wedding and pass it on to your coordinator or family members. Always ask for help. If you feel that there is something wrong or something may have been forgotten, voice it out to the people around you.

8. Ask your entourage to come to your room during prep time for moral support and candid shots.

9. Bring some toys so your bearers and flower girls will have something to play with. Kids easily get bored and irritated. The toys will help calm them down during prep and photo sessions.

10. Ask a relative or trusted friend to watch over your valuables. Make sure he/she does not have any other duty apart from that. When it gets chaotic, you’ll know where to find your stuff after.

wedding invitation and rings


11. Bring some props and personal decors. Print out your dating photos, a favorite love quote or a Bible verse and put it in a frame to enhance your wedding details. Pepper every corner of your prep room and the venue with things that you identify with.

12. Smile at all times. I believe every bride is beautiful on her wedding day. Stand taller and smile always because your wait is over. 

13. Remind yourself that perfection is not the goal. In any live event, there will always be glitches, mistakes and unplanned situations, so choose to be calm and happy in spite of them. There are only a few things you can control, and one of them is the way you handle stress. Release the worry and just savor every second of what will unfold. 

14. Don’t hold back on those beautiful emotions. This is the time to express your love and gratitude to your family, especially to your parents. You are about to leave them for good and be with your groom. Don’t be embarrassed showing those tears and being touchy with the people you love. These moments make good shots, too, and there is always time for a makeup retouch!

parents of the bride

15.  Stuff your bridal bag with mints and tissues. They will surely come in handy!

16. Go turtle speed on your march. Strut it well but strut it slow. Let the radiance of you slowly sink in with every pair of eyes in the room. Look ahead, never down, smile and enjoy your walk.

17. Mingle with your guests and thank each one of them for celebrating with you. Appreciate the time they spent in being witnesses to the happiest day of your life.

As they say, a wedding is just for a single day so don’t beat yourself up if you have forgotten to do some things you initially planned to do. Be grateful just the same because you are able to celebrate love and in a white dress at that! Xx