The Bride and Our Bridegroom

I love weddings.
I remember when I was still single and my friends would invite me to their weddings, I would get really excited and giddy.  I would always get choked up as I look at my friend or family member march down the aisle blushing underneath her all-white, radiant glory. I love weddings, because it’s an opportunity to witness and celebrate a love story.

bride marching

I love weddings, also because of the symbols and metaphors contained within a wedding ceremony- how the ring symbolizes eternity; how the veil symbolizes the role of the husband as head and protector of the family; and how the cord binds the union of the couple.

In the Bible, Jesus performed His first miracle in a wedding (at Cana). Why of all occasions, a wedding? Because a wedding or a marriage is the closest depiction that we will ever have of an invitation from God. Jesus has sacrificially and lovingly chosen us to be His bride. He redeemed us and clothed us with white garments of holiness and righteousness – qualities impossible to attain on our own.

Bible veil couple wedding

I love weddings, because a wedding represents the groom’s higher level of commitment and pursuit. Just the same, through Christ’s ultimate act of love, He laid down His life to save all mankind, and make us right with God once again. We, as the bride, are being pursued relentlessly by the One who loves us the most. And for me, that’s a perfect love story!