Our Clients

Are you planning your own special event and wanting to give out high impact gifts and souvenirs but don’t have time to brainstorm and do the legwork? We’ll be happy to help!

Are you a superstar event coordinator who wants to focus more on coordination and planning instead of thinking about gift assembly? Let’s collaborate!

Our Products

Jules & Joy offers carefully curated, beautifully packaged local and imported artisan products as wedding, welcome and thank-you gifts. We help engaged couples save time and resources by doing the tedious job of choosing appropriate gift items to include in their gift package; collating and wrapping the items; and personalizing the packages one by one.

Jules & Joy also creates custom welcome/thank-you gifts for corporate and other special events. Pre-designed gifts and custom packages are available, full assembly and hand delivery within Metro Vancouver, BC.

Jules & Joy…Give abundantly.

Our Story

bride on her wedding day

Jules and Joy is created by Julie Ann, a Vancouver-based marketing & communications professional who recently got married. The business idea came out of her own experience of struggling to find the perfect wedding favors for her bridesmaids. She didn’t like the idea of giving just one standard token to each of them, so she bought several items individually, personalized them and put them together in a beautiful box to create unique but identical gifts to surprise her bridesmaids and godparents on her wedding day.

The task was time consuming and tedious but she enjoyed doing it nonetheless. Since her love language has always been giving gifts, she thought of making it into a business as a way to help brides and grooms come up with thoughtful gifts that their guests will cherish receiving.